About Us

Why SpeedNut?  That's easy.  We couldn't find a brand that represents us.  We love speed and love racing of all types.  We love fast cars, fast bikes, fast everything!  It's in our blood and in our souls and it should be represented in our everyday lives by what we wear. 

Whether you are a race fan or just have the need for speed, this brand represents you and your passion too.  It represents the blood, sweat and tears you have spent along the way.  Think about it... the shirt you have on now, what does that say about you?  With SpeedNut, there's no question about what gets your heart pumping and blood flowing.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Fuel your obsession and express your passion with SpeedNut Apparel.  There's only one requirement and it has nothing to do with age, size, shape, you just simply have to be nuts about speed.  If that sounds like you, well then, my friend, you are a SpeedNut!  Welcome to the club.


Contact Info:
SpeedNut Apparel
2259 Roods Lake Rd.,
Lapeer, MI  48446